Consent Agenda is a grouping of routine business items that normally require no discussion.

Program Review is a formal presentation about specific school programs that usually occurs near the beginning of the second Board meeting of the month.  The Board selects topics for these reviews at the start of each school year.

Action Items are items generally requiring formal Board approval or disapproval.  Some matters may appear to be dealt with in a cursory manner, but this is only because they have been previously studied or discussed.

Discussion Items are items requiring Board discussion.  These may become action items at a later meeting.

Reports & Communications are opportunities for Board members and central administrators to update one another on brief items or activities of interest.

Executive Session is generally held before a public session and is closed, as required by law, due to topics discussed such as personnel matters and collective bargaining.

Public Comment allows members of the audience an opportunity to address the Board.  The Board listens to concerns raised, but may not respond until a later date. If appropriate, the Board will respond to a concern at a subsequent meeting.