French Club created an exciting game show to engage the students at International Dinner. 


Grand Concours 2018 winners were celebrated with a petite fête Thursday May 24th. More than half of students who took the exam placed nationally. Students were awarded medals and certificates and yummy French treats such as: brioche with strawberry confiture, toasts, and a variety of cheeses: including gruyère, chèvre, Boursin, Camembert and Brie. Félicitations! 





French 3 goes to the MET 

We saw the exhibit Paris to Provence public parks and private gardens. In addition, students were exposed to more French culture as they experienced the Visitors of Versailles exhibit. Students travelled back in time from 1800-1900s. Students were captivated by seeing the outfits of Versailles and learning the history of French fashion, as well as learning how public green spaces became an integral part of French culture. Students learned that these spaces were a place of repos for both rich and poor. The paintings truly exemplified the beauty of Impressionism. 
French 3 celebrates Mardi Gras with king cake and beads! 
Some French 4 students took advantage of the Maker Space to create their Moliere Tombstone projects. Here are the student samples:
Tim Mooney has toured “Moliere than Thou” all over the country, and his adaptations of the plays of Moliere have gotten rave reviews all over the world. Mooney’s work with Molière goes well beyond his celebrated, manic performance of ten of his monologues. Mooney has re-written fifteen of Molière’s plays in their entirety, bringing a dexterity of English speech to these works which were so dazzling in their original French. This language barrier has distanced Molière from the English-speaking audience, which has never appreciated him as well as his renaissance brother, Shakespeare. Molière Than Thou finds a Molière who stands toe-to-toe with Shakespeare, trading brilliant couplets late into the night. In the course of his 75-minute one-man play, Timothy Mooney seduces the audience with a complexity of language that is a sensual delight. Parading through the best loved plays of France’s history, Molière Than Thou reinvigorates renaissance theatre, the court of Louis XIV, and the vision which generated some of the most beloved plays of all time.
I want to extend our gratitude to the sponsors who made it possible to bring this show in: Pelham Education Foundation, let’s give them a big hand! Also to All the administration of this wonderful school district for supporting the High School French program; the custodial staff for setting up the stage; and Mr. Rivida for lights and sound.

Mooney’s performance is literate, enthusiastic, and athletic. Students of French III, French IV/V, SUPA French, AP European History and Theatre arts enjoyed the lively performance.





On Tuesday November 14th, the SUPA French class had the opportunity to go to the French  Institute: Alliance Francise in NYC. There, they had a French guided tour of a photography art exhibit entitled Vulnerable by Alain Willaume. Students, then watched a newly released documentary "Strangers at Home" (Les Francais, c’est les autres) and participate in a Q & A with the director, Isabelle Wekstein-Steg, who also introduced the movie. The theme of the movie was identity as the two directors interviewed and filmed French students who do not feel French. The purpose of the movie was to deconstruct stereotypes and build tolerance and acceptance. The movie highlighted a real issue of racism among the French youth. Pelham students shared in a lively debate and discussion post film.Afterwards, students shared lunch at Au Bon Pain before heading back to Pelham Memorial HS. A great day was had by all!






This year, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday  and the 375th birthday of Montréal. Twenty-two upper level French students had the educational opportunity to visit, explore and celebrate Montréal. They were accompanied by Ariadne Livaditis, Angela Calvelli and Jeannine Clark. Students built upon their understanding of Canadian culture by participating in guided tours of important museums and historical sites of Vieux-Montreal. After a visit to the Notre Dame Basilica, students experienced the city firsthand through a scavenger hunt. Students participated in an evening of French-Canadian traditional folklore at a Cabane a Sucre (Sugar Shack), where they ate traditional cuisine, learned traditional songs and dances and how to make maple syrup. This was a wonderful educational experience.



Ready to take on Montreal!

Stade Olympique and Biodome


 The entrance to Montreal's underground city


Village of Lachine and the history of Montreal's fur trade






Under the high auspices of President Emmanuel Macron of the Republic of France, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy inaugurated the French Dual Language Fund an event co-hosted by The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

SUPA French students had the opportunity to learn about the "French Bilingual Revolution" happening in New York. Students went over some key terms and were fortunate enough to watch the live broadcast. Student's ongoing discussion was captivating. Students were impressed with their ability to understand President Macron as he spoke. Students were enthralled and were able to share their opinions and share ideas about bilingual education. Students went learned some key vocabulary words with some key statistics. 

The French Dual Language Fund was created by the French Embassy along with the FACE Foundation and its partners in response to an increasing demand for French dual language education programs in public schools. The Fund aims to address the needs of existing programs while supporting the expansion of new programs in public schools across the United States.







SUPA French had a round table discussion with guest speaker and parent Mrs. Diane Masson. She visited our class and discussed her profession and her use of the French language. She presently works in the purchasing department for an advertising agency. She works to purchase software systems. She loves that she is constantly learning for her job. SUPA students have been studying the influence of the media as well as the value of ideas as it relates to society. Mrs. Masson shared a short biography of herself and her role and position at this agency. Students were fascinated with her presentation and had the opportunity for an open ended discussion. Students were able to use the vocabulary studied and engage in real life scenario. The overall authentic experience was extremely positive. We thank Mrs. Masson for visiting us!