World Language Department Awards



The Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Language Study: French, Spanish, Italian.

The Ruth Yergin Award for Excellence in Latin is given to the senior who has the highest average in the study of four or more years of Latin.  Ms. Yergin taught Latin at Pelham Memorial High School for over 30 years, and the prize is maintained through contributions to the PMHS Gift Fund in her memory.

The Fieri Italian Language Achievement Award was established in 1985 to enable and encourage gifted students to pursue their educational goals. It is presented to a college-bound Italian American student who has excelled in the study of the Italian Language.

World Language Dedication Award – This award recognizes a senior who has demonstrated a true commitment and passion to the study of world languages throughout his/her high school career.

The World Language Plaque Award is given annually to students who have successfully completed at least seven years of study in one or more world languages.  It is the department's most prestigious award.


The Lawrence C. Ryan Prize 

Sponsored by the parents of Latin students as well as former Latin students, the Lawrence C. Ryan Prize is awarded to a student in the senior class who most reflects the qualities Mr. Ryan has exemplified in his 29 years at Pelham Memorial High School. These qualities include a dedication to and excellence in the study of Latin, a demonstrated interest in Roman culture, outstanding character, active participation in athletics or community service and an engaging sense of humor.





October was proclaimed Italian Heritage and Culture Month by the Westchester Coalition of Italian- American Organizations and by the Westchester County Executive, George Latimer. Two PMHS students, Christian Morfit and Camilla O'Keefe were recognized for excellence in Italian at a ceremony October 16th at Eastchester HS. 



Christian Morfit


  Camilla O'Keef

Pelham Memorial High School

World Language Department

National Exam Awards, 2017-2018



Level 2A:

Gold: Vikram Jallepalli

Silver: Laney Bagwell, Lila Caminiti, Jackson Sylver, Zoe Winburn

Bronze: Daniela Christian

Honorable Mention: Jack Dougherty, Nathaniel Hetzer, Margot Philips, Margot Wies


Level 2C: Native Speakers

Gold: Ethan Bletz, Andrey Dermendhziev


Level 3A:

Silver: Lukas Glist, Emily Nakayama

Bronze: Sophie Xu

Honorable Mention: Grace Anderson, Jessica Cunha, Guy Eustace, Lucas Fredbeck, Siobhan Sadler


Level 4A:

Bronze: Benjamin Glickman

Honorable Mention: Julien Evans, Alex Walker


Level 4C: Native Speakers

Gold: Matyas Spunberg

Honorable Mention: Stephan Akichy


Level 5C: Native Speaker

Silver: Julian Navarro




Level 1B:

Honorable Mention:  Pallavy Franco


Level: 2A:

Bronze: Matthew Cannella, Caroline Veteri

Honorable Mention: Lucy Edmunds, Allison Feldman, Andrew Graciano, Daniela Letizia, Nell Plunkett, Caroline Spana, Andrew Terraciano, Giovanna Vitale


Level 3 A:

Bronze:  Justin O’Beirne

Honorable Mention:  Claudia Scampoli, Joshua Timmermans,Cassie Ventura


Level 4b:

Honorable Mention: Rafael DaCruz



Latin II:

Magna Cum Laude…………………...Collins Mbonu

Cum Laude…………………………….Katherine D’Adamo, Roger Geaniton


Latin III:

Silver Maxima Cum Laude…………...Arthur O’Sullivan

Cum Laude…………………………….Grace Liberatore, Piers Upton


Latin IV Poetry:

Silver Maxima Cum Laude…………...Elise Aronson
Magna Cum Laude…………………....Rachel Brewer

Cum Laude…………………………….Siobhan Joyce-Farley





Level 2:

Honor:  Connor Fleming, Stephanie Gristina, Calvin Hoeh, Steven Munn, Vanessa Rosado, Marlen Singh, Aiden Levy, Carolyn Moyle, Nicolas Franchini, Isabella Gouveia

Bronce:  Emma Almo, Brett Bober, Lucia Lavalle, Sara Almo

Plata:  Andrea Rodriguez Arcila


Level 3:

Honor:  Julia O’Neil, Kristina Pompilio, Morgan Sample, Anna Shampanier-Bowen,

Helen Meyerson, Stephanie Munn, Elizabeth Potocki, Juliana Prisco

Bronce:  Matyas Spunberg

Plata:  Lance Brady, Vedika Basavatia, Asher Lal,


Level 4:

Honor:  Daniel Bernstein, Gabriella Bhiro, Liam Ronan, Elizabeth Walters,

Julia Figueiredo, Camilla O’Keefe and Joseph Silva

Bronce:  Luca Rivera, Isabel Kenny

Plata:  James Hupprich

Oro:  Michael Salama


Level 5:

Honor:  Pamela Pennetta, Steven Torres





Pelham Middle School

World Language Department    

National Exam Awards, 2017-2018



Level 01: 7th Grade

Gold:  Victor Chang

Silver:  Nathalie Brown

Bronze:  Aoife Jeffries, Abigail Miyake, Audrey Levenson, Adam Wolf

Honorable Mention:  Abigail Lal, Natalie Nakayama,Jaya Seecharran


Level 1: 8th Grade

Gold:  Sophia DesMarais

Silver:  Claire Aumer, Alexandra Hart, Eliana Herzog,Kathryn Lange, Quinn Murphy (6th Grader),Charlotte Nanda, Thomas Shelton, Maelle Navarro

Bronze:  William Anderson, Samantha Janos, Amelia Koff, Emma Koonce, Namrata Moral, Samantha Rainero, Jordan Schwartz, Dianna Surillo

Honorable Mention:  Rachel Atlas, Reef Bober, Lily Brewer, Isabella Cipolla, Kate Dougherty, Paige Felgner, Daniel Fredbeck, Martha Jonhson, Malia Mclellan, Ellery McSpeedon, Caroline Michailoff,Elizabeth Murray, Georgia Russello






Level 01: 7th grade

Silver:  Cristina Stefanizzi

Bronze:  Lauren Rocco

Honorable Mention:  Isabella Caruso, Ava Vitale


Level 1A:  8th grade

Bronze: Ben Levine

Honorable Mention: Filip Bukowski, Caroline Garufi, Katherine Girolamo, Eileen Mazzaro, Gabriela Miller, Erik Roksvold


Level: 2B

Bronze: Matteo Johnson




Level: Introduction to Latin (7th grade)

Ribbon and Certificate………………..Adina Sasson, Clare Pachuta, Ian Urquhart, Aidan Murphy, Sorany Campo, Serena Li, Larisa Breskin

Certificate……………………………...Sean Condon, Katie Brandler, Eli Baccei


Level: Latin I (8th grade)

Silver Maxima Cum Laude…………..Alec Konigsberg, James Findikyan

Magna Cum Laude…………………...Eleanore O’Sullivan, Dean Shannon, Ulysses Conrad

Cum Laude…………………………….Brenna Rini, Jack Tirsch





Level 01:  7th grade

Honor:  Delaney Brown, Grace Colking, Naiya Gonzalez-Breen, Kaitlin Sheehy, Jayvi Khemraj, Michael Sample, Justin Villa

Bronce:  Magnus Adams, Mary Kate Boldyrev, Isabella Fauber, Leah Sherbansky, Jonah Sherbansky

Plata:  Casey Creutz, Emma Praagh


Level 1:  8th grade

Honor:  Lauren Holley, Mark Tarazi, Camille Cornachio, Angelic Menzel, Deirdre Devine, Sarah Kaplansky, Luke Mackool, Caitlin Winston

Bronce:  Isabella Garcia, Joshua Handelman, Christopher Rella

Plata:  Sarita Nagesar, Analia Casey, Samantha Min, Olivia Pollock, Dorina Shkoza

Oro:  Mikaela Lavandero, Rachel Lief



Michael Salama, has won the 2018 Junior Study Abroad Scholarship for his achievement on the National Spanish Examination and for his excellent skills in the Spanish language. 

This national award, valued at over $3,500, is given each year to twenty-four students from across the United States who become eligible by earning a high scores on the National Spanish Examination and then submitting samples of their written and oral work in Spanish to a selection committee.  In July, Michael will be traveling to Spain with the other 23 winners to study Spanish language and culture at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  “This two-week immersion program is designed to allow our top students to study university-level material during morning classes and then go on an excursion to see firsthand what they’ve learned in class.”  Said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, Director of the National Spanish Examinations. 

 Congratulations to student Michael Salama and his Spanish teachers, Valerie Lakestream [last year’s teacher] and Anna Brown [this year’s teacher], who should be very proud of their accomplishments.






2017 World Language Awards and Recognitions


The Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in French:  Emma Johnston

The Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Italian:  Alexa Letizia

The Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Spanish:  Jonathan Salama


SUPA Award in French:  Abigail Leonard

SUPA Award in Italian:  Richard Rookwood

SUPA Award in Spanish:  Rachel Radvany


Ruth Yergin Award: Lauren Spagnuolo


The Lawrence C. Ryan Award:  Thomas Horowitz



The Fieri Italian Language Achievement Award: Nathaniel Heintz


 World Language Dedication Award:  Madeleine Nicholson


Holy Cross Book Award   (Junior Recipient):  Christiana Silva




Plaque Award

Seniors with 7 years or more of Language


Student Name                                     Language #1/Years            Language #2/Years           Lang#3/Years         Total Years


  1. Caroline Carlton                            French / 3                            AP Spanish / 5                                                              8
  2. Anna Comerford                            Italian / 5                             Spanish / 2                                                                    7
  3. Erin Foxx                                           AP Spanish / 5                   Italian / 2                                                                        7
  4. Alejandro Gongora                       AP Spanish / 5                   Italian / 3                                                                        8
  5. Karla Granda                                  AP Spanish / 5                   Mandarin / 2                                                                 7
  6. Nathaniel Heintz                          SUPA Italian / 5                  Latin / 3                                                                          8
  7. Thomas Horowitz                        French / 4                             SUPA Latin / 5                                                              9
  8. Alexander Kougasian                 SUPA French / 5                 Latin / 3                                                                          8
  9. Isabella Lampson                        French / 3                             Italian / 5                                                                       8
  10. Clara Masson                                 SUPA French / 5                 Spanish / 4                            Latin / 1                      10
  11. Kathleen McLaughlin                 AP Spanish / 5                    Latin / 4                                                                          9
  12. Madeleine Nicholson                 French / 3                             AP Spanish / 5                     Italian / 2                     10
  13. Andrew O’Brien                           French / 4                              Italian / 5                                                                        9
  14. Katherine Pompilio                   Spanish 4H / 4                     SUPA Latin / 4                                                               8
  15. Natalie Ronan                             AP Spanish / 5                      French / 2                                                                       7
  16. Lauren Spagnuolo                     Latin / 5                                  Italian / 3                                                                        8
  17. Andres Uriarte                             SUPA French / 5                  AP Spanish / 5                                                              10






Congratulations to Charles Del Grosso who was recognized for scholastic excellence in Italian and participation in school activities by the Forum of Italian American Educators. Charles was awarded a scholarship on May 3rd at a ceremony at the Morris Park Community Association in the Bronx.
Mrs. Caparotta is his Italian teacher.