World Language Department News:


Mrs. Ariadne Livaditis received a scholarship for Teachers of French given by the French Embassy and the American Association Teachers of French in July 2016. This was a two-week intensive program in Vichy, France at CAVILAM-Alliance Française et Université de Cleremont-Fernand.

 Based on her work during the summer of 2016 she was chosen to present a seminar workshop entitled "The Intercultural Classroom" at the American Association Teachers of French (AATF) annual convention in St. Louis in July 2017.This presentation focused on the importance of creating a classroom atmosphere rich in cultural diffusion, and how to integrate cultural expression as a means to create a diverse learning community.

 After the workshop she was approached by the editor of the National Bulletin, about disseminating the information to a wider public, in an article to be published in the November issue of the National Bulletin.





Congratulations to Angela Calvelli who was given the Leonard Covello Distinguished Administrator of the Year Award by the American Association of Teachers of Italian. The award was presented to Mrs. Calvelli for her invaluable contributions to the study of the Italian language and culture at the AATI's annual luncheon June 24th.