In general, students should read texts that they can read with very few errors as well as have a solid understanding of what they are reading.  The book list below has been provided to you to help your child find books that are at an appropriate level to improve their reading skills.  Please remember that this list is a general guide.  Students should be enjoying reading other texts of their choice, as well as texts at their independent reading level. Happy Reading!


Abby by Wolfram Hanel

Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner

The Adventures of Ratman by Ellen Weiss

Aliens for Breakfast by Jonathan Etra

Antarctica by Katie Bagley

The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola

Arthur and the Lost Diary by Marc Brown

Arthur Makes the Team by Marc Brown

Aunt Flossie’s Hats by Elizabeth Howard

Bailey School Kids series by Debbie Dadey

Baseball by Mike Kennedy

Baseball Flyhawk by Matt Christopher

Basketball by Mike Kennedy

The Bears’ Picnic by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The Bears’ Christmas by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain by Alice Dalgliesh

The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Honey by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Blue Ribbon Blues by Jerry Spinelli

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

A Book about Your Skeleton by Ruth Gross

Boundless Grace by Mary Hoffman

Brad and Butter Play Ball! by Dean Hughes

Buddy: the First Seeing Eye Dog by Eva Moore

Camp Sink or Swim by Gibbs Davis

The Case of the Elevator Duck by Polly Brends

Catch that Pass by Matt Christopher

The Catcher’s Mask by Matt Christopher

Center Court Sting by Matt Christopher

A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams

The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Bulla

Cherries and Cherry Pits by Vera Williams

Chicken Soup with Rice by Maurice Sendak

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

Christopher Columbus by Mervyn Kaufman

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett

The Copper Lady by Alice and Kent Ross

Crackerjack Halfback by Matt Christopher

The Curse of the Squirrel by Laurence Yep

Dancing with the Indians by Angela Medearis

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret by Florence Heide

Deer: Graceful Grazers by Jody Sullivan

Did You Carry the Flag Today, Charley by Rebecca Caudill

Dirt Bike Racer by Matt Christopher

Don’t Forget the Bacon by Pat Hutchins

The Drinking Gourd by Ferdinand Monjo

Elephants: Trunks and Tusks by Adele Richardson

Everybody Cooks Rice by Norah Dooley

Fish by Adele Richardson

Five True Dog Stories by Margaret Davidson

Five True Horse Stories by Margaret Davidson

Football by Mike Kennedy

Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

Frida Maria: A Story of the Old Southwest by Deborah Lattimore

Frogs: Leaping Amphibians by Lola Schaefer

From Peanuts to Peanut Butter by Kristin Keller

George Washington’s Mother by Jean Fritz

The Ghost in Tent 19 by Jim and Jane O’Connor

Ghost Town Treasure by Clyde Bulla

Groundhogs by Adele Richardson

Hard Drive to Short by Matt Christopher

Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson

The Hit-Away Kid by Matt Christopher

House of the Horrible Ghosts by Geoffrey Hayes

I Can’t Said the Ant by Polly Cameron

I Hate Camping by P.J. Petersen

Ice Magic by Matt Christopher

Ichthyosaurus by Daniel Cohen

Iguanadon by Daniel Cohen

Insects by Adele Richardson

The Invisible Dog by Dick King-Smith

Island Baby by Holly Keller

The Island of the Skog by Steven Kellogg

Jenny Archer series by Ellen Conford

Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park

Kate Shelley and the Midnight Express by Margaret Wetterer

The Kid who Only Hit Homers by Matt Christopher

King Arthur by Marc Brown

Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen

The Lighthouse Mermaid by Kathleen KarrLily and Miss Liberty by Carla Stephens

Little Swan by Adele Geras

The Littles series by John Peterson

Magic Treehouse series by Mary P. Osborne

Mammals by Adele Richardson

Manners on the Telephone by Terri DeGezelle

Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe by Susan Patron

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

The Mitten by Jan Brett

Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen

Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck by Patricia R. Giff

My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Gannett

Mystery in the Night Woods by John Peterson

Mystery of the Stolen Bike by Marc Brown

Nannies for Hire by Amy Hest

Neil Armstrong by Thomas Streissguth

Nine True Dolphin Stories by Margaret Davidson

No Arm in Left Field by Matt Christopher

The Old Rocking Chair by Phyllis Root

The One Bad Thing about Father by Ferdinand Monjo

One-Eyed Jake by Pat Hutchins

The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo by Judy Blume

Onion Sundaes by David Adler

Owls by Adele Richardson

The Paint Brush Kid by Clyde Bulla

Pajama Party by Amy Hest

A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart by David Adler

A Picture Book of Louis Braille by David Adler

A Pocketful of Goobers by Barbara Mitchell

Polk Street School series by Patricia R. Giff

Rats on the Range by James Marshall

Rats on the Roof by James Marshall

Red Ribbon Rosie by Jean Marzollo

Reptiles by Adele Richardson

The Return of Rinaldo the Sly Fox by Ursel Scheffler

Rinaldo the Sly Fox by Ursel Scheffler

Rip-Roaring Russell by Johanna Hurwitz

Rockets by Gregory Vogt

Russell Sprouts by Johanna Hurwitz

Sable by Karen Hesse

Second Grade Friends Again by Miriam Cohen

Shortstop from Tokyo by Matt Christopher

Skateboard Tough by Matt Christopher

Slam Dunk Saturday by Jean Marzollo

Soccer by Mike Kennedy

Soccer Mania by Erika TamarSoccer Sam by Jean Marzollo

Solo Girl by Andrea D. Pinkney

Space Stations by Gregory Vogt

Speed Skating by Larry Brimner

The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock by Bill Peet

The Spy in the Attic by Ursel Scheffler

Squirrels by Rebecca Olien

Star by Jo Ann Simon

The Statue of Liberty by Marc Nobleman

A Story – A Story retold by Gail Haley

Tight End by Matt Christopher

Tom Edison’s Bright Ideas by Jack Keller

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto

Tyler Toad and the Thunder by Robert Crowe

Walter the Warlock by Deborah Hautzig

Wingman on Ice by Matt Christopher

Wonder Kid Meets the Evil Lunch Snatcher by Lois Duncan

The Year Mom Won the Pennant by Matt Christopher

Young Wolf’s First Hunt by Janice Shefelman

The Zack Files series by Dan Greenburg

Zomo the Rabbit by Gerald McDermott