In general, students should read texts that they can read with very few errors as well as have a solid understanding of what they are reading.  The book list below has been provided to you to help your child find books that are at an appropriate level to improve their reading skills.  Please remember that this list is a general guide.  Students should be enjoying reading other texts of their choice, as well as texts at their independent reading level.   Happy Reading!  


Cat on the Mat by Brian Wildsmith

Chickens by Peter Brady

Fun with Hats by Lucy Malka

Hats around the World by Liza Charlesworth

Have You Seen My Cat? by Eric Carle

Have You Seen My Duckling? by Nancy Tafuri

The Headache by Rod Hunt

Mrs. Wishy-washy by Joy Cowley

Where’s the Fish? by Taro Gom

Hats Around the World         by Liza Charlesworth

Have you Seen My Cat? By Eric Carle

Have you seen my Duckling? By Nancy Tafuri

Here's Skipper by Llynnn Salem, Llynn

How Many Fish? By Caron Lee Cohen, Caron Lee        

I Can Write, Can You? By J. Stewart

Look, Look, Look by Tana Hoban, Tana        

Mommy, Where are You? By Harriet Ziefert

Runaway Monkey by J. Stewart

So Can I by Margery Facklam

Sunburn by Ann Prokopchak

Two Points by J. Kennedy

Who Lives in a Tree? By Susan Canizares

Who Lives in the Arctic?         By Susan Canizares