Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy 
Document for students and parents to review and sign. This policy outlines the expectations the District has for students use of Chromebooks.


Chromebook App Descriptions  
Document describing apps students have access to through their Chromebooks.


Chromebook/Google Apps for Education FAQ  
This document provides parents/students with answers to frequently asked questions about our Chromebook/GAFE project.


Example of a Chromebook Printer  
This image can help you identify printers (based on labels) that you can print to from your Chromebook.


Google Chromebook Help Center 
Students can access a number of help topics related to Chromebooks.


How Does a Student Receive a Loaner Chromebook 


How to Access Apps on Your Chromebook 


How to Access Equation Symbols on the Chromebook/Google Docs 


How To Print at School From Your Chromebook  
How To Print at School From Your Chromebook


How to Print from a Chromebook at Home  
This document addresses how to connect certain home printers so you can print from your Chromebook.


How to Submit a Google Doc to the eChalk Dropbox 


How to Write Accents with the Chromebook Keyboard 
This 2 minute video shows how to change your settings to enable the International Keyboard. This will allow you to write with accents.


Locations of Chromebook Enabled Printers HS-MS.pdf  
This document will tell you the location of printers in the HS/MS that are able handle print jobs from your Chromebook.


Presentation from Student Google User Group 9/8/14 
PDF file of a presentation given on 9/8/14 that provides an overview of the 8th and 9th Grade Chromebook project.


Printing From Chrome 
Extra Information on How To Print From Chrome