On November 28th, Mrs. He’s Mandarin I class went on a field trip to H-Mart in Yonkers. After touring the speciality supermarket they participated in a scavenger hunt activity to look for authentic Chinese products and Chinese words learned in class. After the activity, the students enjoyed a Chinese lunch at the food court. Each of them also received Asian snacks as a gift from H-Mart. Before leaving for school, the students had a chance to shop for Chinese speciality products.










The Thirteenth National Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools Essay Contest (2016) 


Madison Cohen (Grade Category 6-8 Regular Beginner) “Honorable Mention”

Ann Liu (Grade Category 6-8 Heritage Beginner) “Honorable Mention”


It's Elementary!!

On February 17, Ms. He's Mandarin I class visited Siwanoy Elementary School to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with the 3rd grade students. Our students introduced Chinese New Year traditions to the 3rd graders by teaching them to play Chinese games and make crafts, such as Chinese dragon puppets, lanterns, zodiac wheels, and red envelopes.





Celebrating the Chinese New Year!! 


The PMHS Mandarin I and Mandarin II classes celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year on January 30.  Students made golden origami roosters in class to welcome the Year of the Rooster. Their work was combined with the Middle School International Baccalaureate display which showcased the traditions of the Chinese New Year as part of the celebration, students received a customary good luck red envelope from their teacher, Ms. He. The Asian Culture Club also celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year on February 2.


Commonly found New Years decorations 



Decoration help from the Mandarin classes






37 Chinese students from Liaoning Province Shiyan High School visited Pelham Memorial High School on February 23rd. Over breakfast, PMHS students in Ms. He’s Mandarin I class interviewed the Chinese visitors in Mandarin about their school life and hobbies. The Chinese visitors also shadowed our students during their period 2 and 3 classes.  Pelham Memorial High School was delighted to host the school from China which has welcomed our students for the past four years.