SUPA French had a round table discussion with guest speaker and parent Mrs. Diane Masson. She visited our class and discussed her profession and her use of the French language. She presently works in the purchasing department for an advertising agency. She works to purchase software systems. She loves that she is constantly learning for her job. SUPA students have been studying the influence of the media as well as the value of ideas as it relates to society. Mrs. Masson shared a short biography of herself and her role and position at this agency. Students were fascinated with her presentation and had the opportunity for an open ended discussion. Students were able to use the vocabulary studied and engage in real life scenario. The overall authentic experience was extremely positive. We thank Mrs. Masson for visiting us!








French 2 had the pleasure of welcoming Quentin Lefour, brother to Pelham High School students Thibaud and Pierre-Louis. Quentin has a degree in International Business from France. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish. In New York, he plans to study Business Administration and improve his Spanish. He visited French 2 classes on Friday March 10th. Students have been studying food. Quentin did a presentation on idiomatic expressions that involve food. Students were engaged and they had the opportunity to absorb the real life exposure. Students asked questions and made comparisons to our own English expressions. Students were engaged as they asked about cultural differences between France and the United States. We look forward to welcoming Quentin to our classes again soon!







It's Mardi Gras!!


This year’s Mardi Gras celebration was dedicated to the theme of Haitian Carnival since all Mardi Gras proceeds will be sent to Haiti for the victims of the recent hurricane Matthieu. The French Club has been selling bracelets and stickers to help support this important fundraiser.  Pelham’s generosity is evident in the funds we have raised! We are so grateful for your kindness and we know that the organization will be appreciative and humbled by our efforts!

 A school wide Mardi Gras celebration will be held on February 28th, including a trivia contest in the announcements and beaded necklaces will be given to students who say French sentences and phrases. French classes will learn about the French origins of this holiday and how Mardi Gras is celebrated around the French speaking world. Students will learn how the traditions vary from famous Mardi Gras town New Orleans, USA to Nice, France, winter Carnaval in Quebec with the giant snowman mascot, Bonhomme, and most traditionally Binche, Belgium with the various participants including the Gille.

French 4 had the pleasure of welcoming guest speaker Mme. Francoy-Rivera to our class February 28th. Mme. Francoy-Rivera shared the history of Carneval and Mardi Gras. She talked about famous celebrations around the world including Brazil, Italy and Germany. She focused on the recipe for making crêpes. She showed a great website with step by step instructions and shared vocabulary pertaining to cooking. She highlighted key techniques and expressions stirring "cul de poule" style.  She even brought crêpes in for the class to taste. Our presentation was attended by Assistant Principal Mr. Judd Rothstein. Students had the opportunity to earn beads each time they asked a question in French of course. The presentation was engaging, educational and delicious! We look forward to welcoming Mme. Francoy-Rivera again soon! What a great Mardi Gras celebration we had! Merci beaucoup!

 French teacher Mrs. Ariadne Livaditis will be a presenter this summer at the AATF (American Association of French Teachers) Convention in Saint Louis. She will be presenting on “The Intercultural Classroom.” Congratulations to Mrs. Livaditis for this honor.


SUPA French had the opportunity to welcome Mrs. Emmanuelle Francoy- Rivera to their class Friday December 16th. Mrs. Francoy-Rivera is a mother of three children in the district. She is a talented photographer, who studied at Parsons School of Design. She works in the graphic design field. Students have been studying the influence of the media. Students have been engaged in learning the vocabulary related to media and social journalism. Students have been learning perspective and point of view as they read headlines and current news articles. Mrs. Francoy-Rivera was able to share her portfolio and her experience as a photographer. Students asked questions about her approach in creating perspective. It was a wonderful and exciting chance for the students to be able to have this real life experience and exposure. We are so grateful that Mrs. Francoy-Rivera was able to take time out of her busy day to be our guest speaker!



Take one: students tried to get organized as Mrs. Rivera, our photographer, arranged us for the picture!







French 4 students had the opportunity to welcome fellow junior and French native Pierre-Louis Lefour to our class Thursday November 10th. Students have been learning about stereotypes and learning to evaluate point of view. Throughout the unit, students read articles, listened to videos and had lively discussions. Their peer and guest speaker was a great addition to the unit. The students were able to absorb the presentation and ask questions. Students were able to debunk stereotypes both French and American. Pierre was also able to learn from the exchange. Pierre began the presentation with background of his life in Versailles as well as the typical school day and the differences he is experiencing. Students were highly engaged and participated throughout the period. We hope to welcome Pierre to our class again later in the year. 









Mrs. Livaditits’ French 4/5 class had a guest speaker from the U.N., Mme Frédérique Morice-Walker.


She gave a presentation about where she is from in France -La Rochelle, it's connection with New Rochelle, her position at the United Nations, and French as a global language.

Students had the opportunity to answer and ask questions in French.  It was an exciting and authentic experience.

Mardi Gras 2016!!

Our French Club celebrated Mardi Gras February 9th. The school wide celebration included a trivia contest in the announcements and beaded necklace were distributed school wide to students who said French sentences and phrases. By the end of the school day, it was great to see students covered in necklaces speaking French!  Ms. Livaditis’ French classes learned all about the French origins of this holiday and how Mardi Gras is celebrated around the French speaking world. Students expanded their understanding and learned the meaning of the Mardi Gras colors, its history and traditions. Students enhanced their knowledge of the French speaking world by using their Chromebooks to explore and navigate French websites. They completed reading comprehension activities and had class discussions about the festivities. French classes definitely let the good times roll ("Laissez les bons temps rouler").

Mrs. Livaditis' French 4/5 class says "au revoir" to English and "bonjour" to beads.

Mrs. Livaditis celebrates Mardi Gras in style, from head to toe!!